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Digital Evidence Management Software (Server)

Connect to Multiple Dock Stations: To collect data from client software

User & Group Management: Grant permissions for different groups and users

Data Management: Manage all data on the server

Online Video Playback: Access to data via browser with a password


Digital Evidence Management Software (Server)

Main Functions of Digital Evidence Management Software Body Camera:

1) Police cam data acquisition. Completion of the acquisition workstation, law enforcement instrument is inserted after acquisition station, the system automatically in the data collection instrument of law enforcement, successful data collection, removed from law enforcement instrument, and the instrument of law enforcement charge.
2) Multi-level distributed storage law enforcement data. Data acquisition workstation can periodically uploaded to the higher-level server, no need to regularly delete data, data from different servers can be migrated to each other.
3) Flexible enforcement of a variety of ways to retrieve the data, statistics and reuse capabilities. Through the browser, users can easily search, browse, play, download audio and video collection instrument of law enforcement, photo data.
4) Complete log management capabilities, the user every step of the operation in the system has logging, easy to trace afterwards.
5) Improved user rights management. Users can only do things within the purview, including query, download, upload permissions management and other operations.


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