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About Us

SHELL GROUP CO., LIMITED is a leading manufacturer specializing in body-worn cameras, docking stations, and related products. Our company is dedicated to the production of video camera products, offering services that include camera molding and circuit board design. With cutting-edge technology and extensive experience in the body-worn camera industry, SHELL GROUP has contributed to numerous government projects and tenders worldwide. Our engineering team excels in delivering optimal solutions to our clients. We have 2 brands Shellfilm and Shelleyes, focusing on the body camera business mainly.

Our Story

Founded in 2011, SHELL GROUP initially focused on digital and dash cameras. By 2015, in response to growing demand from the U.S. government, we expanded into the body camera business. Our headquarters is situated in Shenzhen, a city renowned for its modernity and innovation in China.

SHELL GROUP was born from a vision to make cameras accessible globally. Driven by passion and determination, we have introduced innovations that have significantly impacted people’s daily lives through our designs. Today, SHELL GROUP is recognized by clients and consumers alike for our stylish designs and high-quality products. We continuously strive for innovation, aiming to create products that are not only fashionable and practical but also of superior quality and design.


Our expertise spans across designing and manufacturing body cameras, offering OEM/ODM services, developing CMS systems, and producing docking stations. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive service offerings and our dedication to advancing technology and design in our products.

Body Camera Manufactuer

With 12 years of professional experience in body camera manufacturing, we offer a range of specialized solutions, covering everything from mold design and firmware customization to ID and MD design, as well as DEMS software. Our expertise can assist you in expanding your market at a low cost.

Docking Stations

We provide collection station solutions in various sizes, including mini and large-scale stations with up to 30 ports. These solutions are suitable for law enforcement and police teams of all kinds. With stable USB and network transmission capabilities, some models even support WiFi transmission.

DEMS Evidence Software

Our self-developed DEMS software consists of a collection terminal, client, and server, offering powerful functionality with support for various network protocols. For 4G network transmission, we utilize the industry’s most stable CMSV software. Additionally, we provide RTMP and RTSP protocol interfaces for capable end customers to conduct their own research and development.

Shenzhen Shellfilm Technology Co., Ltd. S Eye body camera, Shell Group Co., Limited,
SHELLGROUP Body Camera Factory introduction Part 1. Introduce shell group body camera meeting room, demo room, products including S7, H Eye, S Eye and accessories like car mount, magnetic mount, clickfast system, docking station system ds02 ds4.
SHELLGROUP Body Camera Factory introduction Part 2.
Introduce shell group body camera manufacturing department, quality test, how we do len testing, againg test, IPQC, most of our staffs are working with body camera assemblying 8 years. We are always focusing on the quality.

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