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Professional Body Worn Camera Manufacturer

Body Worn Camera

  • Body worn camera  acts as an objective recorder, giving frontline officers the tools they need and want and also providing original evidences from the police officer’s standpoint.
  • Our body camera offers incredible durability features, meeting military specifications, to withstand any climate.

Docking Station

The docking station helps to charge body cameras and upload the videos to the PC/Server by management software. When the police officers come back, they put the cameras on the docking station. The docking station automatically collects data and charges the cameras. The next day the police can continue to work with a fully charged camera.

Evidence Management Software

Cameras Management Software

  • Video Collection
    Collect videos&photos from body cameras
  • Video Management
    Manage all data uploaded onto the PC/Server/Cloud.
  • Centralized Dispatching Management by 4G
How does the body camera work with docking station system


SHELLFILM is a provider of body camera solutions, specializing in the development and supply of advanced, durable camera systems designed for personal security and law enforcement use. Our products are engineered to offer high-quality video recording capabilities, ensuring clear and reliable footage in various operational environments. As a leader in the body camera industry, SHELLFILM focuses on innovation, user-friendly design, and robust functionality to meet the demanding needs of professionals in the field.

4G Live Streaming

Body Camera S7

2K Video resolution&HD LCD Screen;

Support 4G + WIFI + Bluetooth + NFC;

IP66(IP67) Waterproof;

AES Video Encryption

Magnet Dock and USB TypeC

Newest 4G/WiFi live streaming model from Shellfilm, hot sale item
4/8/10/12/20/24/30 ports docking station, could be customized based on your demands

Docking Station Solutions(Mutiple)

We offer a diverse range of docking station solutions, including models DS4, DS02, DS20, DS02N, DS28, and DS12. Our lineup features USB Hub docking stations, Network docking stations, docking stations with built-in HDD, and Mini docking stations, catering to a variety of connectivity and storage needs.

WiFi Body Camera

Body Camera S Eye

Front Big Button To Start Video Recording

Front LED Ring with Clear Indicator

IP66(IP67) Waterproof

Sony Sensor Inside

No LCD Screen for Enhanced Security

The most classical model from Shellfilm, WiFi GPS, No LCD, Best Security, Better than Axon

Evidence Software

Strong R&D Ability of Evidence Software. C/S structure, DEMS Client/Collector/Server, Built-with C++ stable Structure
Playback with DEMS Client or Collector. GPS information loaded.

“”I recently had the pleasure of using SHELLFILM’s body cameras for our security team, and I must say, the quality of these cameras is outstanding. The video clarity, even in low-light conditions, has exceeded our expectations, providing us with the confidence we need in our surveillance capabilities. Moreover, the durability of these cameras has proven to be top-notch, standing up to the rigors of daily use without issue. It’s evident that SHELLFILM prioritizes quality in their products, and it truly shows.””

Janet Morris

“”Aside from the impressive quality of SHELL ‘s body cameras, what really sets this company apart is their exceptional customer service. From the initial inquiry to post-purchase support, the SHELLFILM team demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. Their responsive and helpful approach made the entire process smooth and reassuring, further solidifying our trust in their brand and products.”

Willie Brown

“Choosing SHELLFILM for our body camera needs was one of the best decisions we’ve made. The reliability and performance of their cameras have been instrumental in enhancing our security operations. Additionally, the attentive and courteous service provided by SHELLFILM has been remarkable. They not only ensured that we selected the right products for our needs but also followed up to guarantee our satisfaction. This level of care and dedication to excellence is why I wholeheartedly recommend SHELLFILM to anyone in need of top-quality body camera solutions.”

Sean Fisher

Shell Group Company Introduction Body Worn Camera Manufacturer

Let’s work together on your next body worn camera project

We offer competitively priced OEM/ODM/Branding services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you gain a unique competitive edge in the market. Our comprehensive customization services include ID, MD, Firmware, PCBA, and Evidence Software, designed to maximize your brand impact while minimizing costs.

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